One on One Surf Lesson

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  • Durata: 2 Ore (aprox.)
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Our private lessons include a 1.5 hour one on one session with an experienced instructor including your wetsuit and suitable board hire if required. Choosing private lessons to ensure your instructor has their undivided attention on you, engaging in directive feedback to master your surfing skills. Whether a beginner or a more advanced surfer, professional guidance can support you taking the next step in riding the wave.  

  • 1.5 hour professional surfing lesson.
  • Enjoy a private lesson with one on one instruction
  • A wide range of surf equipment included in the price of the lesson.
  • Learn surfing techniques and more.
  • The inclusion of surf safety and ocean awareness.
  • Hands-on Instruction from the water. 
  • Age 8+

Booking Details:

Once you purchase your session ticket touch base with the team via our email or your welcome to call us. Question? Don't hesitate to contact the team at Piha Surf Academy via email or Phone: (09) 2171082 | 021661082.